Services engagements require careful balancing of deal goals, team dynamics, transaction structures, and cultural fit to achieve optimal results.

Since 2001, Innovation Advisors has been a global leader in Services advisory, focusing on IT Services and Consulting, Application Development, Management Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing, and Cloud Services. We have completed more than 40 services transactions and advisory engagements in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. As private equity interest in services firms grows, IA has established itself as the premier services advisor, having completed more technology services PE deals, sellside and buyside, than any other advisor, globally.

The successful IT services model of the last decade, based on large team project integration, off-shore development pricing leverage and long-tail application hosting is being disrupted by cloud software models, proprietary products, agile development and pervasive incorporation of digital marketing. Cloud based services models have evolved from Salesforce generated and simple implementations to domain-knowledge based integrations with massive data intensive migration and digital transformation.

As the distinctions between services and software, technology and management consulting and various delivery models continue to blur, IA leverages our deep experience and long-standing Services leadership position to provide expert advice to our clients across advisory services.